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We’re committed to providing our customers with reliable, predictable, and affordable transportation so they can get moving and stay moving, no matter what.

For most people, auto maintenance and repair takes up their valuable time and money, becoming a headache and a hassle. For others, the cost to own and maintain a vehicle, including dealing with unforeseen repairs, is simply not possible on a fixed budget. We will save you time and money, reduce your headaches and ease your worries about unforeseen car costs. While we do that, we help keep older cars out of the landfill and prolong their useful life. 

We offer an affordable, yet comprehensive, bumper to bumper warranty on all of the cars that we lease. Short and long term leases are available, depending on your needs. 

We keep you moving, even when your car needs a little love.

Our bumper to bumper warranty includes the use of a loaner vehicle during repairs. We'll let you know when it's done in the shop and arrange the swap. 

We're here for you, all the time.

Road side assistance is included in the warranty service. We'll come to you to diagnose and swap vehicles that need maintenance or repair. 

We take care of you, and your car, to keep it running longer.

Our warranty includes both preventative and reactionary maintenance. We do everything to keep your ride running smooth, including regular oil change, tire rotation, wiper blades, engine air filter, brakes and top up fluids. We also take care of larger repairs that occur as a result of normal vehicle use.