What is the mileage allowance?

Up to 18,000 km per year, or 1,500 km per month, is covered under our standard service. If you exceed 1,500 km per month the charge is pro rated and added to the monthly rent. 

How long is the lease period?

We offer a minimum lease period of four months, perfect for those who are here on a temporary basis or have specific, short term car needs. We also have many longer term customers who have been with us for several years.

What happens when my car needs repairs?

We will provide you with a loaner car to drive while we fix it. We'll work with you and your schedule to make the handoff as easy and convenient as possible!

What services are covered?

Everything from routine maintenance to major repairs. This includes winter/summer tires, tune-ups, brakes and exhaust, engine, transmission, radio, locks, lights, windows... and more! 

Which services are not covered?

Damage due to an accident, repairs to air conditioning systems, and windshield repairs are not covered.  

Who owns the car?

You register and insure the vehicle after paying a deposit. Your deposit reflects the fair market value of the car and will be returned at the end of the lease period. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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